Kallisté is the name given to Corsica by Greek traders of antiquity. Kallisté means: ‘the prettiest’. Greeks, who travelled throughout the Mediterranean, thought Corsica was the most beautiful island of Mare Nostrum. It should be remembered, to be fair, they also considered the Greek island of Santorini the most beautiful one.

The geological history of Corsica, and the fact that it is an island, has resulted in a very special landscape. It is a small and steep alpine massif, with its mountain lakes, chestnut and pine forests… all emerging from the Mediterranean Sea. A paradise for hiking!


The hike that we offer is the famous GR – 20, you can choose: do the GR, a roughly 15 days of hiking, the GR – 20 South – about 1 week, or the GR – 20 North – 8 / 9 days.

Xavi Flores